About this website

This project was originally made to visually see progress of difficulty over time in a nice graph. Over the time more subpages were created based on community needs. It started in May 2018, a while after I found Merit. This is fan page, you can check merit.me if you're looking for official info.

If you would like to contribute with ideas, texts to Wiki, if you have questions about this project or about Merit in general, if you need invite and you want to be part of my network in Merit, do not hesitate to reach me on Discord (better) or Telegram (less used), I'm disifi!


I'm member of Merit community just like the others. I wanted to contribute a little with this small project. It was created for free, available for anyone interested. If you feel generous and this project helped you, I will be thankful for any donations:

MRT to disifi-tips or MTspQaPjoLD8iQFVbdobXFMmc634GheAHX


I'm continuously developing this page in my free time and these are changes more-less for me to keep a track, but also for anyone else interested.

Version Date Changes
0.8.4 2019-01-23 Added leaderboard, updated snapshot, fixed updating GBS.
0.8.3 2019-01-05 Added snapshot.
0.8.2 2018-11-30 Added tutorial how to clean light wallet into Wiki.
0.8.1 2018-11-24 Fixed counting payments per round in GBS, added link to contributors table managed by KAMO287.
0.8.0 2018-11-23 Added new subpage for Genesis Block Sale with statistics for current and previous round (duration, raised amount, price, number of payments) and history of GBS in graph and table.
0.7.9 2018-11-21 Added sync of GBS data in the background. Added description how pool page works. Fixed issue with syncing price when market is offline.
0.7.8 2018-11-20 Added timeout when reaching pools to avoid non-responsive pools breaking checks. Updated way how to handle Wiki categories in the background.
0.7.7 2018-10-29 Improved performance when loading wallet info. Syncing leaderboard in background, so about half of wallets are now shown immediately, other half should be loaded faster than before.
0.7.6 2018-10-27 Fixed showing wrong balances on wallets with zero MRT.
0.7.5 2018-10-27 PoG3 starts at block 441700 (around October 31th) so we have updates:
- updated Wiki and Calculator texts
- updated calculation within Calculator to count only with 5 MRT per block
- show CGS, absolute and relative rank on wallet subpage
0.7.4 2018-10-11 Do not show fake hashrates on Mining pool subpage.
0.7.3 2018-10-09 Updated Mining pools subpage, there are more info and number of found blocks by pool in last 1440 blocks (ca. 24 hours). It requires synchronization of winners of each block in the background, but it's more reliable to see what is the ratio among pools (hashrates reported by pools are not always correct).
0.7.2 2018-09-25 Syncing ref-mempool, it's possible to search also not yet confirmed wallets.
0.7.1 2018-09-24 Form to change wallet address right in top of the wallet details page for faster navigation. Anonymous wallets have shortened address in headline, for better UX on mobile devices.
0.7.0 2018-09-22 - auto synchronization of invite transactions
- showing number of available invites on wallet details page
- fixed Wiki and calculator texts to be up to date
- added support for MPOS pool API + added first MPOS based pool
- pools are removed from pool list after 24 hours offline and auto re-added when they go online
- check offline pools only twice per hour to avoid delays when syncing
0.6.2 2018-09-16 Updated links to explorer.
0.6.1 2018-09-07 Added online status for pools.
0.6.0 2018-09-07 Added Mining pool subpage with real-time hashrate comparison.
0.5.2 2018-09-05 Created "About" subpage with description of project, donations address and changelog, added version to footer
0.5.1 2018-08-31 Added price in BTC to Network and Mining calculator subpage
0.5.0 2018-08-29 Big update of mining calculator - now it calculates based on difficulty and prediction of difficulty, rewritten whole description, added formula, fixed retarget predictions
0.4.3 2018-08-27 Fixed amount in calculator from 13 to 10 MRT per block, changed address for donations, added link to explorer from wallet subpage, removed ANV value as it's not relevant after hardfork
0.4.2 2018-08-17 Implemented changes with hardfork of PoG2, removed diff prediction based on 100 blocks
0.4.1 2018-08-09 Added article to Wiki about not visible GPUs in Lightwallet
0.4.0 2018-07-30 Added Wiki subpage
0.3.3 2018-07-24 Fixed showing menu and footer on small screens, added explanation about lower rewards to calculator subpage, fixed linking to stale wallets, minor text and styles update
0.3.2 2018-07-18 Mining calculator is counting with average hashrate instead of current hashrate, updated calculator text
0.3.1 2018-07-17 Updated texts in mining calculator, added more detailed info on Network subpage, removed mining and ambassador rewards from wallet subpage as it's not accurate, added community score
0.3.0 2018-07-15 Added Wallet subpage with basic info about wallet, invited wallets and referral tree
0.2.0 2018-07-08 Added mining calculator, added footer, added algorithm to synchronize wallets from blockchain
0.1.3 2018-06-22 Updated code according to core wallet software update, core team linked page on subdomain blockstats.merit.me
0.1.2 2018-06-02 Added time of last retarget on Network subpage, created more robust way of synchronizing blockchain info
0.1.1 2018-05-31 Added predictions, fixed rounding, formatting numbers etc, project goes public on server IP
0.1.0 2018-05-29 Created project with graph of difficulty over time and basic stats