Mining pools

List of publicly available pools. Use the pool with the lowest hashrate to improve decentralization of network. If you want to list yours or you want to update information about your pool listed here, let me know on Discord, I'm disifi. You can check Merit pools also on

Warning: I cannot guarantee credibility of listed pools or information they provided. If you think pool is breaking its rules of announced MRT or invites distribution, let me know!

Name Details Workers Reported hashrate Found blocks in ca. 24h

Technical stuff

Pools are checked every 5 minutes. If pool is not responsive or it returns wrong response, status is changed to Offline. This means that API of pool via HTTP is not reachable, but pool can be fully working on stratum port. On the other hand, sometimes pool is not working properly but API is OK, so information about Online pool is just informative.

If pool is offline, it's checked only every 30 minutes. Also, if it's offline for more than 24 hours it disappears from this page until it's again online.

Pools are sometimes reporting fake hashrate. To reliably see how is pool used by miners, website is collecting block winners in the background. Then we can clearly see how many blocks were resolved by each pool and show this info. Last 1440 blocks are taken into account, that is ca. 24 hours.

Regarding wrong hashrate. It's usually caused by reporting graphs/s instead of cycles/s. If that hashrate is very different from expected hashrate calculated from current hashrate and share of won blocks by this pool in 24 hours, it's hidden to not confuse visitors of this page.

If you want to see your pool here, just write me on Discord, I'm disifi. I will need from you:

  • stratum URL
  • available API with info about hashrate and number of workers
  • wallet address that is used for mining
  • rules you are going to apply to distribute MRT and invites