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  1. My wallet doesn't work. It's loading and I can't access it. How to fix that?
  2. What does mean "Internal server error" or "TX_MAX_SIZE_EXCEEDED" when sending MRT?
  3. Why I can't see any GPU in my Desktop wallet (Light wallet)?


  1. How many cycles/s can I expect with my computer or mining rig?
  2. What software should I use for mining?
  3. Block time, current supplies, mining rewards...?

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All informations are available on Merit homepage at You can also look to #faq channel in Discord group. This page is not here to copy informations that you can find somewhere else. It should be kind of more dynamic and detailed FAQ. If you still have troubles finding answer, don't hesitate to ask the community in Discord group, Telegram or forum.

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If you thing that something else should be explained here, contact me - disifi - in Discord group and we can talk about it. Do you want to contribute with your answers to this tiny Wiki? Glad to hear it, contact me too!