What software should I use for mining?

Currently you can mine with CPU or GPU. Each software has same performance in the most recent versions, because it uses same library. Here is overview with top pros and cons for each and links to download. Below the table you'll find briefly introduction to each software and how to use it.

Miner Pros Cons When to use Download
Merit Lightwallet
(Merit Desktop Wallet)
  • easy to use, nice UI
  • built right into wallet software
  • same performance as CLI
  • CPU and GPU mining
  • mining only to local wallet
  • only pool mining
Perfect for your desktop, in safe environment. Download page
Command Line Miner
  • mining to any address
  • easy to automate with scripts
  • CPU and GPU mining
  • can be hard to run for inexperienced users
  • need to manually set up
  • only pool mining
Places where you don't want to import your wallet. Great for mining rigs or computers with remote access without GUI. Windows download v0.5
Windows download v0.4
Linux download v0.4
Github page
zjazz miner
  • same as Command Line Miner
  • faster
  • more options and better stats reporting
  • same as Command Line Miner
  • closed source with dev fee
  • only GPU mining
Unofficial miner by zjazz has mostly better results than Command Line Miner up to 45%. Try it and if it's faster for you, use it. Download page
Merit Core
  • can be used as GUI or CLI
  • independent from pool
  • needs whole blockchain synchronized
  • only solo CPU mining
Cloud mining, mining on many servers when you don't want to rely on pools. Download page

Introduction and how to use

Merit Lightwallet (Desktop wallet)

Lightwallet offers, besides accessing your Merit wallet without downloading whole blockchain, also very easy built-in miner. There are two default pools with option to add your own. You can start mining with your CPU or GPU right into your wallet.

One of the most wonderful thing on Merit is the way, how it can be easily used. Even if you have never tried to mine any coin, start mining with Lightwallet is super-easy. On the left, find Mining tab, choose what you want to use for mining (number of CPU cores and GPUs) and press the Start button. In a while you will see your stats - Cycles Found/s is important value, it's speed of your mining in cycles/s.

Command Line Miner

If you don't need nice graphic interface, you can use also miner with CLI. Even if it uses same libary for mining as Lightwallet, main advantage is that you can mine even without access to your wallet. Very useful on mining rigs where you shouldn't store private data.

merit-minerd.exe --url stratum+tcp://pool.merit.me:3333 --address MT6bWQRgsqS1MG1gbuzSRBEqkfVvjryVGk --gpu 0 1 2 3 4 5 --cores 0 - this is command you can use to start mining. You can put it into .bat (Windows) or .sh (UNIX-like OS) file to run it more easily. Let's break it down:
merit-minerd.exe - name of downloaded file, this is default for Windows but you can rename it as you wish
--url stratum+tcp://pool.merit.me:3333 - link to stratum pool connection
--address MT6bWQRgsqS1MG1gbuzSRBEqkfVvjryVGk - address where will be mining rewards sent from pool, don't forget to put yours, works with alias too!
--gpu 0 1 2 3 4 5 - list of GPUs you want to use for mining starting from 0, if you have just one, leave it as "--gpu 0", if you want to mine only with CPU, omit this parameter
--cores 0 - number of cores you want to use for mining. If you're using multiple GPUs it's recommended to let this parameter at zero. Miner software consumes pretty much CPU for each GPU.

zjazz miner

This software is not oficial miner from Merit core team. It has closed source and dev fee of 2%, but much more available options. It can work better with low-end CPUs, use more threads per GPU or set intensity. You should definitely try it if it will increase your hashrate, in most cases it does.

All info can be found directly on project GitHub page. Instructions are here and descriptions of different modes based on CPU assistance here.

Merit Core

This software supports only CPU solo mining. It's available in both CLI and GUI version. If you own only regular CPU, you probably shouldn't solo mine. Because of GPU mining it would take weeks or months until you find one block. It might be good choice if you want to solo mine without pool on some servers or cloud computing.

Anyway, how can you do it? In graphic interface you can start mining from top menu: Mining -> Start mining and you're done! In command line you start it with command merit-cli setmining true. You can do same from GUI version when you go in menu: Help -> Debug window and type setmining true. You can see your mining performance with command merit-cli getmininginfo in CLI or getmininginfo in Debug window of GUI version. Check "cyclesps" info that is your cycles/s speed.

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